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A few weeks ago we were contacted by my friend Sergio Clerici from Creatormail Italia who were putting together a series of webinars aimed at covering all the bases of online marketing.

The webinars (in Italian) cover, Il telemarketing è una parolaccia? Non quando si tratta di strategie di lead generation business to business., Siti Web, CMS, SEO e SEM, E-learning, Mobile computing, Email Marketing, Privacy e Sicurezza dei dati and of course, Social Media.

We were invited to participate with two webinars, Social ABC and Social Media.

It still amazes me that so many companies are still short of strategic ideas when it comes to social media and I was surprised that so many decided to participate in this first round of what is, ostensibly, a “How to do Social Media” presentation.

The one thing that struck me was the kind of questions we received at the end of the webinar. We had an audience that spread from non-profit organizations (ONLUS) to fashion houses and each of them wanted to know how efficient “X” strategy or “Y” social network was to their own personal goals.

The techniques change and have, if you are following Richard Binhammer’s latest round of posts con Content Marketing, become far more sophisticated yet the principles at the lower end of the corporate scale (SME’s) remains the same:

1. Set your objectives (branding, lead generation, engagement, sales)
2. Find out where your target audience is
3. Set up camp, one social network at a time
4. Listen to them
5. Participate with relevant content (meaning change tact if you’re not getting through)
6. Keep at it
7. Measure everything
8. Program everything on a monthly/weekly scale and modify daily

Anyway, below is a copy of the presentation we used in our webinar. It’s in italian but it’s relevant in any language.

Our next appointment is on 27/06/2013. At this event we’ll be exploring how E-Commerce fits in with Social Media strategies.

Michael Walsh
Senior Corporate Digital Strategist specialized in designing and implementing effective web communication strategies and service portfolios for small, medium and global firms.
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