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We have a fascinating client in the cosmetics business.

They are seriously oriented towards e-commerce but have teamed up with us to create a more “immersive” digital experience for their customers.

This particular project is a product launch and rather than just firing a banner, product family page and single item purchase page at it, they wanted us to come up with something a little more interactive that also included their social media presence. They also sent us a bunch of links of stuff they wanted us to use as benchmarks.

All pretty straightforward right?

Erm as it turns out, no.

Just like any agency worth its salt, we take our projects seriously and started off by mapping the current customer path from digital media to product page and studying the competition links they sent us to see how they tackled the same problem (FWIW, most simply hurl large sums of money at 3D videos and graphics while spending vastly inferior sums on navigation and experience).

We investigated how to use our client’s proprietary assets (social and website) and created a multi-channel presence that focused primarily on owned and earned media, delivered a “sensory” experience to enhance the brand reputation while streamlining the sales funnel.

We fine-tuned the interface design to make sure the navigation experience was both intuitive and informative, and blueprinted a multi-layer embedded page to fit into their current e-commerce platform with a 3D navigational experience able to deliver any number of pages (content) over a fixed space (to avoid unnecessary scrolling). We also created a similar version to place onto a FB tab and proposed several intelligent rich media AD support in social and “regular” digital media.

In short, we created a product launch “system” that could also be re-used over the coming months for other projects.

We were very proud of ourselves… 😉

Until the client asked us why we hadn’t mentioned the product.

The moral of this story is that even if you have access to the most powerful strategic minds able to transform your brief into something much more, don’t get too high on your own supply because more likely than not, the client isn’t listening at this point.

So before you present what is without question your digital masterpiece, go back and look at the brief. Unless you’re 200% sure you got the request spot on, go and ask a dozen colleagues if you’ve answered all the questions.

Our mistake?

The client sent us the competitor links to look at the content, not at the navigational models…

Michael Walsh
Senior Corporate Digital Strategist specialized in designing and implementing effective web communication strategies and service portfolios for small, medium and global firms.
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