The Secret of Google

“If you are going to have a public conversation about your brand, you might as well do it on the first page of Google…”

Paid Vs. Organic Search

To many, Google – and search engines in general – is a mystery. “Ranking high” or appearing on the first page is often considered as something you have to pay Google for.

Anyone who works in social media will tell you the same thing: you will never build a brand by paying for an advertisement on Google – that serves another purpose entirely. Brands are built on the actions they take and values they embrace, and in the case of social media, that takes a lot of commitment.

Search engines in brief

Google and all the other search engines aim to deliver results that are as close as possible to what the person doing the searching actually wants and “ranks” the pages they display in the search results based on their “relevance” to that particular search query.

Therefore, the more “relevant” the page is, the closer it “matches” the search request and the higher it ranks for that particular search query.

How it does this is obviously quite complex but there is one thing that your base site should be generating as often as possible in order to show up in the search engines, and the only thing you need to concentrate on at the beginning: Content.

If your site provides regular, relevant, informative and above all authoritative content, then customers will find you, follow you and link to you and when that happens, Google and the other search engines will start to “rank” your site higher for particular keywords, and that sends you more visitors over time.

Put simply: The more articles you produce worth following, the more “power” you have in the search engines.

Once you have regular content, you can then start to fine-tune your articles so that they rank better for specific search results and that’s when you start to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques like, keyword research, link building and article seeding.

Most companies know this already and that’s OK. But there’s so much more you can do with search engines, and great articles, engaging content and busy communities are just the beginning.

Michael Walsh
Senior Corporate Digital Strategist specialized in designing and implementing effective web communication strategies and service portfolios for small, medium and global firms.
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