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Stonex chooses Social Starter

We are extremely proud to announce that Smartphone Innovations srl, the Italian company behind the rather brilliant Stonex smartphones has chosen Social Starter as its digital partner for the Christmas 2013 digital campaign.

Our goal, apart from spreading the word about this pretty amazing product, is to combine best practices across multiple disciplines (from server integration to digital PR) with real time ADV split testing to optimize and then stabilize the various revenue streams so that 2014 can be even greater that 2013.

All this of course wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the tireless commitment of the Stonex management to this Italian startup and the cast-iron belief that they really do have an interesting product to offer. Kudos above all to them.

Many thanks to the team that changed the rules of engagement. Now back to work!


Haven’t done that yet.

In answer to the question “What is your favorite Ferrari?” Enzo Ferrari once said “”The one that has not been built yet.”

We have just got back from one seriously long day in Montecarlo which is currently hosting the Monaco Yacht Show so I wouldn’t recommend going unless you want to spend a couple of hours looking for a free parking spot…

We are currently trying to close an important repositioning project with a client there that will require everything from a new logo to regular corporate events with selected clients plus all the digital goodies (front and back-end) you can imagine thrown in.

The project itself – all 100 slides of it – has been a monumental feat to produce and we are particularly proud of how it acts on both brand AND business at the same time. It’s not every day (or client) that allows you to cross the line from the sometimes commercially blind marketing departments and propose ideas with P&L implications so this is a particularly demanding concept.

Yet despite this, the thing about Enzo Ferrari’s quote that resonates so much with me personally is that all of our projects, no matter how big or small, somehow become the next big thing as we take them on and we quite literally fall in love with them, fight over them and build them one by one by hand.

So what’s next? Does it really matter? After all, we haven’t made our best project yet.

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